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Established in 1979, we bring a wealth of experience and a team of professionals who are committed to excellence.

Through 40 years of experience as a General Contractor, Huff Construction has earned a strong reputation for leadership in the industry and has become a well-respected construction company in the Aberdeen and surrounding areas. Integrity, quality and excellence are at the core of every action we take and our clients willingly speak in a positive manner on behalf of our company.


Quality Work

With every project, we demand integrity and the highest standards from our team and partners. Rest assured that a quality finished project is top of mind. Huff Construction has established an experienced and knowledgeable management team with documented reputation with designers, subcontractors and owners. We only work with skilled tradesmen and quality employees. Our superintendent carefully examines each scope of work for quality, addressing concerns during our weekly meetings and making corrections as needed.


We work hard to ensure the safety of not only our workers in the field but everyone around the project area. Our proactive methods, training and techniques have been tested and modified time and again for their effectiveness. We conduct scheduled meetings and inspections regularly during construction as well as before every new phase of work begins. Rest assured that your project is managed as safely as possible.


Huff Construction stays on schedule by utilizing the Last Planner System. This system requires each trades foreman to give their input on the project schedule which creates a defined schedule brought in by the tradesman performing the work. We can confidently move ahead with an accurate budget/GMP that eliminates surprises on bid day and a realistic, “all-in” schedule during the construction process. Our Project Superintendent meets weekly with our onsite foreman to go over any schedule and coordination issues.

On Budget

Huff Construction performs concrete, steel, framing, finishes and specialties. This ensures a “Concrete” estimate/GMP going into the building process. Huff teams up with local subcontractors and suppliers to get accurate estimates that will factor into the GMP. By utilizing electronic, on-screen software, we can ensure accurate estimates going into a project.


Roger Huff began working in the construction industry in 1967 as an employee of his father, George Huff, in Wilmot, SD. After getting married, he and his family moved to Aberdeen where they still reside today. Originating in 1979, the company began as Huff Construction and later renamed itself to Huff Construction, Inc., as the company grew. As time moved on, the business continued to expand even further and soon came to include his two sons, Chad and Cory, and a full time staff as it's known today.